John is an Internachi certified Commercial Inspector. His extensive experience with Commercial and Industrial construction is a huge asset. John can assist you in seeing the property or building with a different perspective. He will ease your mind as you consider the purchase of the commercial property.

At Arrive Inspections our Commercial Inspections include a comprehensive building envelope inspection including but not limited to roof, electrical, plumbing, structural, heating, concrete, water penetration, window, insulation, HVAC, parking lot and grade inspections.


Specific Commercial Inspections

  1. Regular maintenance and deficiency inspections.

  2. Safety Hazard Inspections

  3. Water damage Inspections

  4. Limited Access (disability) Inspections

Commercial Pricing

Every Inspection is unique and based on the clients specific needs and the type of property. Please contact us for a quote.

Contact us today for a Commercial Inspection in Alberta. We would love to hear from you at Arrive Home Inspections!